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Congrats, Mommy!

If you are viewing this page, it is because you received a Fruitful Living Push Box.

What is a Push Box?

Push Box is a term used by Fruitful Living. The original name for a gift as such is a Push Present or Push Gift

A push present is a gift given to a mother to celebrate her hard work during child birth. It may be given to her on the day of her child birth, before or after. 

The Fruitful Living Push Box comes with the essentials to help a healing momma embrace her new mommy role, and show her body appreciation through self-love & self-care.

Someone who loves you took the time to get you this gift because you are a mighty momma who did the inevitable.


Congratulations on your new little baby. You did an AMAZING job.

Your VIP Pink Rose Ticket

The physical laminated ticket you have in your hands is your golden ticket. With the QR Code, you will have EXCLUSIVE:

  • DISCOUNTED Products such as Push Boxes, Individual Products, & More

    • (Official Online Store Launches March 1st, 2024)

  • FREE Merch (Special Instructions)

  • Access to secret updates for SelfiePro AND Storming Ice (for all my readers & photography enthusiasts)

  • Access to a community of amazing mommas, like yourself.

  • Access to the Ultimate Healing Oasis for Mommas EVER!

At Fruitful Living you are considered a goddess. Bearer of life, and the nurturer of the world.


This is a secret society of strong women. #onlymomswillknow

Which is why it is so important that you keep your Golden Ticket safe. This is by INVITE ONLY.

** If you lose your golden ticket, you will have to purchase a new Fruitful Living Push Box at FULL PRICE.

Mother Holding Baby
Newborn Baby

Are you ready for Postpartum?

Pregnancy isn't always easy. Child birth was probably quite an adventure. But postpartum is the worst...

It is one of those things women don't really talk about, mostly because it's all about the baby.

Luckily, you are all set in the self-care & self-love department. If you wish to know what else you can expect during postpartum, visit my blog.

What is in your Push Box?

Self-Love Goddess Candle

Not one candle will ever look the same. Each with it's own unique color pigmentation, and it's own amazing scent.

Step One: Manifest love, health, & healing, or whatever your heart desires, by lighting up your candle. 

Let the candle burn. Enjoy its scent while the flames ignite a new manifestation.

Emulsified Sugar Scrub

This emulsified sugar scrub not only exfoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells, but it also hydrates your skin making it feel smooth to the touch.

Step Three: Embrace your beautiful, powerful feminine body.

Allow your own healing & nurturing hands to caress your strong, yet delicate body. 

Essenced Bath Salt

It's not always easy to relax your mind and body after having a baby. It is just physically impossible. But with a little help, self-love can go a long way.

Step Two: Clear your mind from everything, even for just a moment, with the freshness of this salt.

Take a moment to connect with your body.

Whipped Body Butter

Your skin deserves to stay hydrated. That is why this body butter was created to organically hydrate your skin with natural butters.

Step Four: Our skin stretches a lot during pregnancy. Keeping it moisturized is important to help maintain elasticity.

Keep your skin properly hydrated even after child birth to help your skin heal!

Check Out SelfiePro if you're ready re-ignite your passion!

If you dare!

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