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♥️ Self-Love: The Beginning Of Positive Change

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

There comes a time in your life when you realize that you've lost yourself. When this happens, it means that you are not taking care of yourself the way that you should. You need time to re-center your life and come back to your 'own' reality-- time for some self-loving.

Janis from Fruitful Living
Embrace your inner self.

Self-love means embracing your own flaws and everything in your life, following your

passions, respecting, loving, and taking care of yourself. In doing so you will become stronger, more courageous, wiser, and more confident. There are no rules or correct formulas for self-loving. You literally do what you love and take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This is the moment that you are allowed to

be selfish, and say 'no' to everyone else's requests. Take the time to clear your mind from stress, anxiety, and negativity, and re-evaluate your thoughts, your emotions, and your spirituality. We all get lost in our everyday routines, so taking a moment to take a breath from our "society life" can be treat. We get so caught up in taking care of everyone and everything that we don't realize that no one is taking care of us. The truth is, no one will. There is only one person in charge of taking care of you, and that's you.

Discover the beauty within yourself. ♥️

When you feel yourself overwhelmed, too busy, stressed, anxious, or tired, I recommend taking one hour out of the day to dedicate to yourself. If you truly want to go above and beyond for yourself, you can even take one whole day out of the week to dedicate to yourself. Think about some things that you love to do and do them.

This is your time to evaluate your life, your thoughts, and figure out where you are in life versus where you want to be. Think about how you feel about yourself and what you wish to change in your life, then you can work on improving these qualities. Changing aspects of your life will not happen on their own, and will not happen over night. Persistence is the key to achieving these goals and creating a routine to take care of yourself. Keep in mind that you also have the ability to challenge yourself if you feel you're living a pretty stagnant life. We all get stuck, but it is up to you whether you want to live a more abundant life or stay where you are now.

I know, it can get pretty overwhelming. You never realized how much time you've been taking away from yourself and how much you truly need it. There are so many 'things' that keep us from doing what we love, whether it's a relationship, kids, or even life issues. We as humans subconsciously try to avoid issues or confront problems head on. It is the fear of losing a battle within ourselves, or the fear of change overall. Either way, there's always a chapter in your life when you have no choice but to take these steps of growth. These first steps to change will challenge you and guide you to becoming a better you. You will realize that you have new hobbies and new passions, and very often you will find yourself intrigued by these new skills that you've gained.

Do What You Love
Ignite Your Passions!

Take care of yourself. Don't lose yourself in a life that is not yours or that you are not happy with. Take a walk at the park or the beach or even around the block. The best time to think about what you want to change in your life is in the evening, during the golden hour. Why, you ask? Well, because it's the time where it gets cooler after a long day, you see beautiful colors in the sky as the sun is setting, and more often than not, you will be able to see stars and the moon shining above. There is no better time in the day to sit down relax and enjoy the wind, the ocean, the trees, the birds, or whatever you enjoy the most.

“Embrace your inner self, and become a better you.”

Introducing Artistic Healing

Welcome to the self-healing oasis. Stay tuned as I help guide you to a new chapter in your life. You will learn the importance of self-love and the many ways to promote self-healing by embracing yourself and following your passions. (#selflove #dream #passion)


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