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Starry Sky

Welcome To My Universe

Janis E.

Hey! Janis here. I am founder of Fruitful Living and the mind behind Artistic Healing.

I created Fruitful Living because at some point in my life, I felt like nothing. I started to lose faith in myself and in everything around me.

And so, I created this safe space for me to feel like myself again. With the help of my passions, I was able to let go, grow, and truly accept my life, myself, & everything around me.

A little about me:

  • I'm mother to my daughter, Anora. She is a major part of my universe.

  • I'm also mother to my cats. I love my cats with all my heart.

  • I love animals, Mother Nature, the universe, the moon, & the ocean.

  • My favorite seasons are Spring & Autumn. In spring, I love the blooming of the flowers, and in Autumn, I love the changing leaves.

  • I love anime, playing games, musicals, and orchestras/bands.

  • I love dinosaurs, food, and playing with kids.

  • I absolutely love traveling. I want to see the world before I can't.

  • One cold truth about me -->> I have more compassion for animals than humans. & only because humans have the capacity to know right from wrong.

sailor moon_edited.jpg

With my passion for dance, writing, and taking photos, I found myself in a world of creativity, love, and healing.

Now I'm an expert at self-healing! & all I want to do is guide those who wish to do the same towards the right path.

I am here now, sharing my knowledge & my experiences with the world, to make sure my dreams of having a peaceful world a reality. 

Join me on this beautiful journey, and mold your life, your world, your universe.

It is time to find your magic.

Do you dare?! ;)

Janis E. Fruitful Living SelfiePro
Starry Sky

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