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What we do

Fruitful Living is our Healing Oasis. The purpose of this program is to (1) help you, my goddess, learn about yourself through Artistic Healing, (2) ignite passion in yourself, by promoting self-love for the sake of self-healing, (3) enjoy a healthier and cleaner lifestyle, starting with a cleaner world and a better you, and (4) remind you to embrace all your magic, and to continue to spread your magic.

Artistic Healing

Learning to love yourself can be quite a challenge. But, with the right steps, your passion and drive, there is nothing you can't achieve. You are capable of living a fruitful life. You just have to master the skill of true self-healing----your way.

I prefer to teach the value of acceptance, by letting go. Healing from the core of where your pain resides, a secret box----leaking out insecurities and doubts. Using your own passions as a way to positively challenge yourself and master your skills, you can learn how to truly love yourself, be more confident, and be in control of your life --- all for the sake of self-healing.

Claim Your Power! ✦

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Healthy Food
Shopping & Eating Fresh

I always encourage our goddesses to enjoy the seeds of nature, in whatever way they come. Mother Earth provides us with the nutrients we need in forms of fruits, herbs, and vegetables. We simply have to find creative ways to make yummy food.

I love to remind everyone about the health benefits that come with a healthier lifestyle, and the ways it can protect and strengthen our bodies.

Seeds, Plants, & Maintenance

Growing your own garden at home can help make sure you're feeding your family the freshest food. Straight in of your garden, you can plant herbs, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, and so on.

Whether it's herbs, fruits, or veggies, it's important to know how to properly grow and maintain a flourishing garden. This all starts with just one seed, one pot, and a good day of research. You never know what you can do until you get your hands dirty.

Planting Boxes
Plastic Polluted Ocean
Animals & Environment

We've all grown up to see how much influence we have on our environment and how much our actions affect the world we live in.

However, until we truly open our eyes and see how much power we have to make a difference, only then will we be able to take action and enforce this difference. It all starts with taking a moment to see the world as it is, and then imagine how it could be. Keeping it clean for all living creatures, including ourselves.

Meditation & Healing

Meditation is about taking a moment for yourself; to feel your own heart, your own energy, your own vibration, your soul's passion. It's the moment you take to clear your mind, and eliminate any stressful or negative thoughts and feelings.

Meditating helps us enter a state of peace and tranquility. This can help strengthen our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Overall, it helps you analyze your thoughts and feelings so you can let it go and accept it.

Meditation by the Beach
Woman Baking
Arts & Passion

Your passion is the desire and love for something; whether it's a hobby, an activity, a thing, or a person. Your passion makes you so happy you can't help but want to see it, do it, or experience it.

We encourage you to embrace your passion(s) in such a way that it becomes the beacon of self-admiration. We want you to not only love your passions, but to master them and make them your own. Embrace them enough that it becomes a part of you, and you can express yourself through it.

Always celebrate when you overcome a challenge and be genuinely proud of yourself when you overcome it. But never forget to share your glory, and never forget to share your wisdom.
- Janis E.
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