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Colors: Flowers

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Written By: Janis E.

Colors Fruitful Living Janis
Love Colors ♥️

Many have been taught that it’s not good to have variety,

But why are we so caught up in our own corrupt society?

Animals and plants live so peacefully together,

So why can’t we live without insulting one another?

We, the minorities, ask this question everyday,

Why are we so similar but not loved the same way?

The color of my skin tells the stories of my ancestors,

My DNA connects me to the origins of my creators.

Maybe we should learn more from our co-habitants,

Teach hope, love, peace, and equality to our infants.

The hate in our hearts defy the struggles of our ancestry,

So bring light to our lives with love, color, and creativity.

Find your strength in the roots that ground you,

Cultivate your lands to grow something brand new.

Wear that golden crown that defines who you are,

Fear nothing, and love everything near and far.

You are clever, courageous, vibrant and powerful,

And like a flower you are wild, unique and beautiful.

Find a way to wear the color of your skin proudly,

And learn to love and care for yourself profoundly.

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