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SelfiePro by Janis E.

Updated: Jul 6

Why selfies for Self-Love & Self-Care?

Photography is a captured moment that silently speaks a thousand words.

It’s like philosophy, it tells many stories simply from one perspective.

& so it does in different angles, different shades, different filters

—different EVERYTHING!!!

A mystery behind every shadow, an intent behind every color.

A clue that is very well a hidden mystery.

It is a tease with very little promise,

the number one cliffhanger.

It is the keeper of secrets or the tatter-tell that babbles.

Most importantly, it is a story without WORDS.

An unspoken language.


Listen [read].

Why photography for self-love & self-care?

Long ago I was challenged, & for a moment, I forgot about myself.

My life. My feelings. My thoughts.

Everything about me was a mystery.

I allowed my love for someone else to weaken me.

I allowed my admiration for someone to blind me.

I should have done what was right for me.

The one I should have been taking care of…was me.

I did not want to be selfish then, so I’m sorry to be selfish now.

I was hurting for a long time, & when I finally chose to move on, I felt relieved.

I was finally able to accept my own mistakes.

& then, I allowed myself to embrace my own inner flame.

Fruitful Living became the seed.

J.Eli’s Photography became the tree.

SelfiePro, the creation, the fruit.

I created life with my passion.

I embraced my skills & I learned new ones.

I loved the strength it gave me.

Photography was my passion.

Dance, my passion.

Art, my passion.

Music, my passion.

& the list goes on.

But what I love the most about photography… is

The way it makes me feel

& the way I can make people feel.

I feel like I can see beauty in its raw form,

& I capture it.

I work my magic to accentuate any features,

& I transform it into something even more astonishing.

& you can see it!

Their story. Just a moment of it.

Brief, even.

“However, SelfiePro is very personal."

SelfiePro is about capturing myself in my own habitat.

Sharing my thoughts [mental],

sharing my feelings [emotional],

& sharing my body [physical].

Body, mind, & soul…in the form of a still moment.

My troubles, so hidden away that nobody will ever know.

When I’m in my zone, I glow, & I love to let it show.

And well, I like to see that glow in action.

That’s why I take selfies.

I mastered it & now, I teach it.

I teach people how to follow their passions through my own,

& how to keep a record of their own growth.

A timestamp in the form of a photo.

A record of their transformation.

I use the magical properties of the earth, the wind, the ocean, & my fire to create, manifest, & enjoy!

I practice & master my craft…on myself.

& then I reap from my own hard work.

In order to reward myself for my successes, I pamper myself.

[Self-Care][Mental, Emotional, & Physical]

To celebrate my own growth, I dance with myself.

[Self-Care][Mental, Emotional, & Physical]

& to keep track of my own progress, I take selfies.

[Self-Love][Mental, Emotional, & Physical]

I challenge myself to find new ways to feel amazing,

& I do it by making art out of myself.

I talk to myself in the mirror about my insecurities

& then later, I portray them artistically.

I embrace my feminine by flaunting my assets.

Yes, I do it discreetly.

I embrace my sexuality by making myself vulnerable.

No, I do it sensually.

I love myself wholly & allow my inner glow to shine like a thousand stars.

Brightly, lightly, kindly, yes, I see myself going far!

Floating away!

How amazing it is to truly love myself.

That’s self-love!

Oh, one last thing.

I make fun of myself.

& you would too!

I make fun of my own mistakes.

In photos & in life!

Some selfies just don’t come out right.

& it’s ok, it’s alright.

We just keep the ones we truly like.

You see my story, I do nothing but fumble.

Yet, no one understands my hardships & struggles.

I only keep a record of my favorite tumbles,

Cause life is a puzzle with a whole bunch of tunnels.

My failures, my growth, & my ultimate successes.

The feeling from following my passion is so priceless.

Seeing myself enjoy life is nothing but healing.

No one can ever see how long I’ve been kneeling.

Praying, saying, claiming,

accepting the good from my own living.

Smiling, fighting, climbing,

reaping the fruit my tree has been giving.

& that's what Fruitful Living is all about.

It is everything & anything we can’t live without.

Yes, SelfiePro right now is just a little sprout.

Just watch & see, don’t fret, don’t pout,

soon it will eliminate all of your doubts.

The transformation is first initiated with self-care.

So, it’s ok if you do or don't want to keep your skin bare.

Focus on parts of you that in other times you wouldn’t dare.

In the end, ALL of you is in need of some love, so I think that’s fair.

Then you’re off to embracing yourself with some self-love.

Sharing your values & showing how you’re rising above.

Shine like a diamond, & fly like a dove.

Be authentic, beautiful, courageous, & strong.

To bloom like a flower, SelfiePro's what you need,

As grown as you are, girly, you're still just a seed!

Yours Truly,

Janis E.💋

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