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SelfiePro by Janis E.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Why selfies for Self-Love & Self-Care?

Photography is a captured moment that silently speaks a thousand words.

It’s like philosophy, it tells many stories simply from one perspective.

& so it does in different angles, different shades, different filters

—different EVERYTHING!!!

A mystery behind every shadow, an intent behind every color.

A clue that is very well a hidden mystery.

It is a tease with very little promise,

the number one cliffhanger.

It is the keeper of secrets or the tatter-tell that babbles.

Most importantly, it is a story without WORDS.

An unspoken language.


Listen [read].

Why photography for self-love & self-care?

Long ago I was challenged, & for a moment, I forgot about myself.

My life. My feelings. My thoughts.

Everything about me was a mystery.

I allowed my love for someone else to weaken me.

I allowed my admiration for someone to blind me.

I should have done what was right for me.

The one I should have been taking care of…was me.

I did not want to be selfish then, so I’m sorry to be selfish now.

I was hurting for a long time, & when I finally chose to move on, I felt relieved.

I was finally able to accept my own mistakes.

& then, I allowed myself to embrace my own inner flame.

Fruitful Living became the seed.

J.Eli’s Photography became the tree.

SelfiePro, the creation, the fruit.

I created life with my passion.

I embraced my skills & I learned new ones.

I loved the strength it gave me.

Photography was my passion.

Dance, my passion.

Art, my passion.

Music, my passion.

& the list goes on.

But what I love the most about photography… is

The way it makes me feel

& the way I can make people feel.

I feel like I can see beauty in its raw form,

& I capture it.

I work my magic to accentuate any features,

& I transform it into something even more astonishing.

& you can see it!

Their story. Just a moment of it.

Brief, even.

“However, SelfiePro is very personal."

SelfiePro is about capturing myself in my own habitat.

Sharing my thoughts [mental],

sharing my feelings [emotional],

& sharing my body [physical].

Body, mind, & soul…in the form of a still moment.

My troubles, so hidden away that nobody will ever know.

When I’m in my zone, I glow, & I love to let it show.

And well, I like to see that glow in action.

That’s why I take selfies.

I mastered it & now, I teach it.

I teach people how to follow their passions through my own,

& how to keep a record of their own growth.

A timestamp in the form of a photo.

A record of their transformation.

I use the magical properties of the earth, the wind, the ocean, & my fire to create, manifest, & enjoy!

I practice & master my craft…on myself.

& then I reap from my own hard work.

In order to reward myself for my successes, I pamper myself.

[Self-Care][Mental, Emotional, & Physical]

To celebrate my own growth, I dance with myself.