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SelfiePro BYOV 2025 Online Course

Embrace. Passion. Love. Heal.


With this course, you will learn how to truthfully & passionately acquire self-love & self-care to increase your confidence levels, self-awareness, & self-appreciation. 

You will be required to face your fears, as all protagonists do to level up! This is not Fight or Flight. This is Fight & Flight!

You will gain skills & embrace every aspect of yourself to gain control of your own happiness. And you WILL become more powerful!

Would you like to try?

Come on!

Show the world your superpowers. Don’t be afraid to flaunt it. & don’t be too modest not to show it.

Trust me, you’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll want to do it again. & again. & again.



Are You Ready?

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Janis E.

Healer & Photographer


My name is Janis E., & I will be teaching you how to master self-love & self-care through selfies.

SelfiePro is my own little creation. I use my own passion (photography) to coach individuals (like yourself) on how to embrace themselves through selfies.


These individuals are called “Goddesses”, and they are the future. These Goddesses practice self-love & self-care through selfies to achieve personal &/or business growth.


As a passionate photographer, I encourage my Goddesses to also tap into their own passions, embrace it, love it, & make something out of it. Many find themselves achieving personal growth, while others realize they can use their passion to build a new business, like myself.

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