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My Starseed: Conceived through Consciousness

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

By: Janis E.

My pregnancy was magical. It was a treat from the Universe and a wonderful birthday gift all in one. I never understood the concept of inter-consciousness conception until I was able to experience it myself. The ability to call forth a soul (a baby) through thought, and then physically conceive with the intent to create a family. It seemed impossible, but not impossible at the same time. Could you really consciously conceive and be pregnant before you actually physically conceive? Yes! You absolutely can.

One day (about a week before my birthday), I was in the shower staring at the walls in deep thought, wondering if I was ever to get pregnant. Not because I couldn’t conceive, but because my body wouldn’t allow it. And I knew it was on purpose. If you've read my previous blog, you'd understand why having a baby was something I looked forward to. It was a moment I've waited for for such a long time, and finally, I was ready. We were ready.

Earlier this year, my partner and I had a “scare”, a week late scare. And while we weren’t ready for it, it made us realize how much that scare made us happy. Too happy, might I add. But too soon, our happiness was gone when that silly o’ menstrual cycle came, ‘surprise, haha fooled ya!’ Literally! No warning, just a messy surprise. 

Starseed inter-conscious conception Fruitful Living Fruitful Chakras
My love & I

But even though there wasn’t a bun in the oven this time around, it sure ignited our baby fever. And so we decided that it was time to start a family. From that moment on, let’s just say, our intimate life was even more exciting than before. Despite how frisky we’d get, the months went by and nothing happened. At first it was a little heartbreaking, but then after three months we kind of stopped trying. Not because we gave up, but because we came to an agreement that it will happen when it was meant to happen.

And so, now we come back to that day in the shower, a week before my birthday. I stood there, staring blankly at the white brick walls, wondering how I would feel when I found out I was expecting. The hot water pouring from the showerhead surrounded me, healing me. Providing me with a sense of comfort. I closed my eyes and imagined it. I imagined taking a pregnancy test, and waiting those two long minutes for the results to appear. And then I saw it. 'Positive' clearly showing on the pregnancy test.

It felt surreal. I opened my eyes abruptly, as if I had just awakened from an unexpected slumber. The excitement rushed through my body, making my body shiver from head to toe. In that instant, a thought came to mind, it felt like a premonition and an ultimatum at the same time. It’s really hard to explain. I wasn't sure if I was hearing my own thoughts or my own emotions. And though I knew I was staring at my blank white wall, I didn't see it. I saw or felt (however you would explain these visionary moments) three zodiac signs: Aries, Pisces and Taurus. In that exact order.

At first I thought that I was seeing the zodiac signs of people I knew or was close to. Or even people I didn’t get along with. Unfortunately, at that moment, I had people in my life, one of each sign, that I wasn’t getting along with. Was this a coincidence? I knew that to some extent, the signs presented to me were signs that at some point in my life were proven to be difficult to deal with. And it just so happened that all three of them were being difficult at the moment this vision came.

As the thought of these three signs intensified, I felt that moment of choice—the ultimatum. It felt like the universe was asking me if I was willing to make a sacrifice for what I truly wanted.

And I was, I really was.

The ultimatum was, choose a sign in which you wish your baby to be born into or wait longer for an unknown opportunity to conceive. It was like a ‘now or never’ situation. I felt like I didn't have much time, the window of opportunity was closing. And so I chose. I sealed the deal with a thank you and a deep breath.

It was done.

I didn't even realize I had closed my eyes during the vision. I opened my eyes again. A smile crept on my face. What just happened?

Now let me give you some background information on my situation, and this is not to be mean or give negative comments about any particular zodiac sign. But, honestly, I never really got along with Aries. I could never figure out why. Most of the people I met that were Aries were very, well, egoistic. And I can’t blame them. After reading the qualities of Aries, it just seems to be in their nature. The ones that I’ve run into at least.

Even so, I decided to choose Aries. There was this fiery feeling I kept getting from that sign, no pun intended. (For those who don’t know, Aries is a fire sign.) I simply went with my intuition. Sure enough, it felt like I had made the right choice. 

As per my agreement with the universe, I conceived on my birthday week. Haha! Yes, this is the ideal time for the birthday sex song! Woohoo!

I was excited. As I awaited the time for me to be able to take a pregnancy test, I could already feel, intuitively, my body changing. I didn’t even wait long. Two days after my period was expected, I took that wonderful test, and boy do those 2-3 minutes feel like a lifetime!

I was pregnant!

When I updated my period app to the pregnancy setting, which by the way felt amazing, I was able to confirm that my little bundle of joy is due to arrive during the season of Aries. Not a surprise as I know what I bargained for.

There was a tiny little secret I didn’t mention before, though. 

The universe mentioned something about the timing of my baby’s birth. Something about he or she being an Aries, but with the opportunity of being a Pisces.

Ideally, I would prefer a Pisces. We just have more in common. (I can feel the pride in all the Pisces right now, haha.) But either way, I will love and treasure my baby, Aries or Pisces.

Anyways, the suspense to meet my little munchie is killing me. Soon enough we’ll know what zodiac sign wins the heart of my baby. But for now, I will let my baby’s gender be the most suspenseful distraction.

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1 Comment
Nov 10, 2020

Oh how pleasant a read that was. I truly love the way you organize and express your emotions. Thank God for you, Richard and your bundle of joy! I am waiting patiently for the arrival. You are a beautiful young lady inside and out. I'm proud to have you in our life. Take very good care of yourself as you enjoy the first stages to motherhood. Carrying a child is a gift from God. May His blessings overtake you and your growing family is my prayer.

Dr. Mom

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