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Recycling & Reusing
  • Arts & Craft: Creating usable items from recycled bottles and containers

  • Reusing: Creating something beautiful and usable from something broken or in bad shape

  • Energy: Using recycled or reusable items to create innovative items that can help conserve energy

Shopping & Eating Fresh
  • Creating New Dishes: Creating new dishes with the veggies and fruits we love

  • Creating Fun Dishes: Creating fun dishes with simple ingredients

  • Compost: Saving the left over cuttings from fresh food to help nourish our new plants

Seeds, Plants, & Maintenance
  • Seeds: Planting our seeds from our favorite fruits and veggies to watch our food grow

  • Reusing: Creating vases and pots from plastic to use for our new plants and flowers

  • Maintenance: Watering the plants and using compost to help keep the soil nutritious for the plants

Observing Flowers
Girl at Aquarium
Animals & Environment
  • Animals: Creating homes and feeding grounds for animals and showing how our actions affect animals

  • Environment: Showing kids how we can affect the earth negatively and how we can positively make a difference by doing community and beach clean-ups

  • Making A Difference: Using recycled and reusable items to create homes for animals and alleviate the world from trash

Meditation & Healing
  • Meditation: Allowing children to meditate and focus on themselves to promote self-awareness

  • Team Work: Creating games and activities that promote positive team work and anti-bullying

  • Artistic Healing: Finding ways to help children cope and heal from life challenges.

Children in Yoga Class
Girl with Bow and Arrow
Arts & Passion
  • Sharing Passions: Children get to "show and tell" their passions & skills

  • Exploring: Children get to try different arts and activities to help ignite their own passions

  • Passion Bonding: Children with similar passions and skills get to teach, learn, and practice with each other with the goal of improving and mastering that skill and creating friends along the way

Our passions are driven by the time and effort we put in what we love. So imagine a world
driven by passion for love and peace.
- Janis E.
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