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What we do

Skky Castle is our Fruitful Living for kids. The purpose of this program is to (1) teach children the importance of taking care of Earth and all living beings, (2) how to cultivate and embrace their skills, talents, and passions, and (3) 

teach them from a young age how to be positive and support each other.

Recycling & Reusing

Teaching children about the importance of reducing the amount of trash in the world, by promoting recycling and reusing products.

We take the time to show our future generations how to determine what is reusable and recyclable. We also challenge them to think of innovative ways to create cleaner energy and ways to reduce waste.

Healthy Diet
Shopping & Eating Fresh

Teaching our children the benefits of their favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs can promote healthier eating habits.

Most of our children don't know why parents say veggies and fruits are good for them. We are here to help them understand why, and show them how they can maintain a healthy diet with their favorite veggies and fruits.

Seeds, Plants, & Maintenance

Showing children the value of our earth by teaching them how to plant their own seeds, nourish their plants, and maintaining them.

We often forget that plants are essential to our existence. We want to make sure that our upcoming generations have the knowledge to plant and grow delicious veggies, fruits, or flowers on their own. We want them to understand that plants provide us with food, oxygen, and shelter ---- the essentials for living.

Animals & Environment

Teaching our children how our actions can affect the environment and the animals can help promote cleaner living spaces for all species.

Children don't understand the connection between us, nature, and the animals we co-exist with. We help them understand that we have the ability to help animals live in a cleaner environment ---- safe and rich in food. We promote cleanups and teamwork for a better world.

Meditation & Healing

Teaching children how to meditate and focus on themselves helps promote self-love and self-confidence.

Children who have self-confidence have the ability to grow and help others grow as well. This portion of the program is focused on self-healing, self-love, self-growth, and self-confidence to ensure a bully-free world for all kids.

Children Meditating
Kids in Art Class
Arts & Passion

Teaching children that everyone has a different passion and a different talent is important.

Most children have a particular sport or craft that they love, while others struggle to find what they truly love to do. Finding a passion and following it is such a healthy way of releasing stress, even for children. We encourage and help cultivate their passions, and challenge their skills to promote self-growth.

Always celebrate when you overcome a challenge, and be genuinely proud of yourself when you reach a goal. But never forget to share your glory, and never forget to share your knowledge.
- Janis E.
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