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Welcome To Fruitful Living

A safe space for mothers to heal!

Fruitful  Living offers mothers a variety of ways to promote self-development, personal growth, and confidence boosts through the process of self-love & self-care.

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SelfiePro is a masterpiece I have been perfecting for the last 10 years.

I found a way to intertwine my passion, photography, with self-love & self-care.

In preparation to taking selfies to the next level , I use self-care to help boost self-image, & self-love to increase self-confidence before any selfie session.

Artistic Healing

Artistic Healing

is the


It is a formula I created to help mothers heal from trauma, anxiety, stress, &/or depression.

It also helps improve mental, emotional, & physical health by promoting self-discovery through embracing one's passions.

J.Eli's Photography

I use my passion for photography skills to not only capture special moments for others, but also as a way to help me fund Fruitful Living, and as a way for self-healing.

What I enjoy the most about taking photos is having the ability to help goddesses embrace their beauty.

Artistic Healing

Embracing everything about yourself gifts you with courage & wisdom.
Finding your Passion stimulates growth & self-recognition.
Learning to Love yourself enables you to be stronger & be more confident.
Healing begins when you start morphing into a better version of yourself, day by day.
Happiness is simply the outcome of your transformation.
& it all starts with YOU!
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Check Out Storming Ice!

Storming Ice is a SelfiePro series in which I tell my story with the use of selfies, my writing, & some magic!

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